The Wilderness

The Wilderness is a dramatic part of the Isle of Mull. Located on the Ardmeanach peninsula,  the coast here is very broken - sheer cliffs, sea stacks, arches and caves abound. No roads pass through the area. You can walk all day with nothing but wild goats for company. It has to be some of the most dramatic coastal scenery on the west coast.


This page just gives a sample of the sorts of features to be found in the area. This is only a small snapshot, Other pages give a more comprehensive look at the wonders of this very special part of Mull.  


A Sea Stack  


"Stac Glas Bun an Uisge" - the grey stack at the foot of the water - well named and one of many sea stacks to be seen in the area. Mainly composed of Moine psammite.



A Natural Arch


Close by to Stac Glas Bun an Uisge is a beautiful example of a natural arch:

The Stac can be seen framed by the arch. Again, the rock is Moine psammite.


Chasms and splits.


In the same general area, the rocks are broken up by deep sheer-sided chasms and splits in the rock. The above picture shows just how close the path goes to one of these chasms. A good head for heights is essential!


These pictures just show a small part of the Wilderness - the pictures below show a bit more. The terrain becomes less rugged as one approaches Rubha na h-Uamha where the Fossil Tree is found. The rocks change from the Moine psammite to columnar basalt of Palaeogene age. Outctops of Mesozoic sedimetary rocks can also be found and these are rich in fossils.


Other photos of the location:

Click on an image to open a larger picture.

Columns seen from cliffs

Sea Stack
Close up of columns, like steps

Stack and Arch
The main columns, curving at the base

Sea Stack and waterfall
Columns from near the sea

Rugged coast, looking SW
Looking down on columns

Chasm in the cliffs
Columns seen from boat

View from the sea

Cave in psammites
Another view from a boat

Rugged shoreline
Columns seen from the sea

Basalt lava columns
View of columns from sea.

View south towards Rubha na h-Uamha
Looking up the columns
Amygdale in the basalt
Columns from the beach
Another cave

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