Showcase Images

 The images below show some of the great variety of geology to be found in Mull, Iona and Staffa. Click on any of the thumbnail images and it will open to give a larger picture. Click on the large image to close it again.

Folding in the Moine rocks at Ardalanish Bay.

Basaltic columns on the shore near the Fossil Tree

Basaltic columns seen end-on at Ardtun

Sea stack of columnar basalt lava near Ardtun

Looking over to the Ardmeanach peninsula from Bunessan. Trap featuring in the basalt lavas is obvious

Famous Palaeocene dyke near Calgary Pier

Calgary Bay, from the machair looking out to sea. Pre-glacial shoreline is the obvious terrace seen on both headlands

Ammonite cast on the shore near Carsaig

Basaltic columns of Carsaig Arches

Basaltic columns to the east of Carsaig

Creag a' Chrochair - a volcanic plug near Glengorm

Perched rock near Croggan - looks like a stone toadstool

Glac Mhor near Tobermory - columnar basalt lava

Dessication cracks in Triassic sediments near Gribun

Cliffs of the Wilderness near Gribun, seen from the sea

Top surface of a prominent sill near Gribun, showing pronounced jointing

Unconformity at Gribun - horizontal Triassic sediments overlie dipping Moine psammites

Beach on west side of Iona looking towards the Spouting Cave

Iona: Lewisian gneiss with green epidote vein

Iona: Glacial erratic of Ross of Mull granite lying atop Torridonian sediments

Machair on west side of Iona

Iona marble quarry

Iona: pebbles on the shore at Columba's Bay

South west corner of Iona - prominent cleft is a fault

Heart shaped xenolith in a granite erratic, Iona

Schists near Kilvickeon, folded to vertical

Dyke cutting ash bed at Lagganulva

The Loch Ba Ring Dyke on the slopes of Beinn a' Ghraig

Glacial P-forms on the shore near knock

Near Ardalanish - Contact of the Ross of Mull Granite and the Moine metamorphic rocks

Diorite sheets cutting the Ross of Mull Granite near Fionnphort

'S Airde Beinn, a volcanic plug near Tobermory

Stac Mhic Mhurchaidh, a columnar sill, west of Iona

Staffa, seen from the boat

Staffa, seen from the boat





Livingstone's Cave, Ulva, looking out

Basalt lava columns, Ulva

Natural Arch and Sea Stack, the Wilderness



Mull & Iona - A Landscape fashioned by Geology. Recently published by SNH, this is an excellent little guide to the geology of these islands. It is easy to follow and beautifully illustrated. One in a series of several "Landscape fashioned by Geology" Available direct from SNH